Digitalise your vehicle's maintenance history

PitStop is your trusted platform for managing and showcasing your car's maintenance history. Digitalize your service records to create a transparent, trustworthy profile and enhance your vehicle’s resale value. With comprehensive histories and rigorous ID checks, PitStop turns your maintenance records into a powerful selling point. Sign up now to boost your vehicle's value.

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Vehicle maintenance history matters

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Stand out and increase the value of your vehicle

Centralise your invoices

Keep all your vehicle invoices in one place, accessible anytime.

Transparent history

Provide a full service history to reassure buyers and build a trust-based relationship.

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Remove uncertainty

Request the vehicle history

Access a comprehensive history of the vehicle, including past repairs, services, MOT records and owner history.

Avoid scammers

Buy with confidence from owners verified by PitStop.

Why PitStop?

Secure invoice storage

Keep every invoice safe. The worth of your vehicle is greatly influenced by the completeness of its maintenance history. With PitStop, securely preserve your invoices for total peace of mind.

Verify your identity and reassure potential buyers

Enhance trust and credibility among potential buyers. By verifying your identity, you reassure buyers of your legitimacy, creating a safer and more reliable transaction environment.

Share your vehicle maintenance history with potential buyers

Transparently share your vehicle's maintenance records and demonstrate care and reliability. This transparency helps build trust with potential buyers, making them more confident in their purchase decision.

Request access to other users's vehicle maintenance history

Get easy access to other users' vehicle maintenance histories, and make an informed decision. Evaluate the condition and history of a vehicle before making a purchase.

Works for any vehicle registered in the United Kingdom

PitStop is available for all vehicles registered in the UK, ensuring wide applicability. Whether you own a car, van, motorcycle or a truck, you can benefit from our services tailored to meet the specific needs of UK vehicle owners.

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